Meet The Team

Our team is dedicated to delivering the absolute best services while providing extrodinary customer service.
Cozmo and Suzy DiGiano
Cozmo DiGiano has been a fitness advocate for over a decade, participating in a wide variety of fitness related activities. Still active duty in the United States Air Force, Cozmo has remained active in weight training and bodybuilding. He currently holds a professional status in natural bodybuilding physique category with the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilding (OCB) and the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF). He is also a certified personal trainer.
Suzy DiGiano has recently separated from active duty service in the United States Air Force, and is experienced in fitness and nutritional advising/coaching. Her expertise has assisted numerous clients to achieve their fitness goals to include top five placing in competitive bodybuilding and earning the title of a professional bodybuilder. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Sciences with a focus in Health and Wellness Professions the American Military University. She is also a certified personal trainer.
Bryce "Rocky" Secondine
Brock Secondine
Managing Director
Baseball Instructor